´Lights for children´ – Impressions

Thanks to all helpers, musician, visitors and of course to our little artists, together with you and trough your creative work we could collect 55 Euro for the education of children in Liberia. We keep you up to date about our next activities!

Invitation to the children and family celebration ´Lights for Children

On 21.07.2019 we want to celebrate a festival of lights with you in the Eppendorfer Park (stop Eppendorfer Park, opposite UKE children emergency department, on the round playground) – big and small are welcome! Shape this day with us. Admission is free. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of the kebabs, drinks and the auction will go to the Kids Care Campus e.V. and 50% to a project in the Dominican Republic that supports women’s self-determination.

Multi-Cultural Summer Festival in Hamburg

With much joy and sunshine children and adults were able to again demonstrate their knowledge and learn something about other continents at the “Multi-Cultural Summer Festival” in Groß Borstel at our Africa Quiz. During an art workshop with two committed artists from Ghana, new painting techniques were introduced and the kids were invited to let off steam creatively and exchange ideas with each other.
We would like to thank Ossara e.V. and the Sportverein Groß Borstel for organising this wonderful colourful festival and are happy to be there again next time.

Promotion of art and culture in Liberia

In order to form a new society in which young people can develop innovative solutions to eliminate existing grievances, they must first learn to think freely.
Liberia lacks this space for free development. Art and design are not integrated into the regular school curriculum and art has no place in society outside of school activities.

This not only has the consequence that the young generation is not supported artistically and the art scene is hardly present in the country, but above all that it is difficult for young people to take responsibility for themselves, to speak for themselves and to represent their own views.
Art is closely linked to culture and culture and has an influence not only on the development of one’s own individual identity, but also on that of an entire country. Identification with a common culture can help bring people closer together and create peace. Due to the influence of Western states and the consequences of the civil war and the associated destruction, a country-specific culture is hardly recognizable. The young generation is increasingly losing its connection to its own origins and is striving instead for a supposedly better western lifestyle.

Together with the organisation Union of Liberian Artists we have therefore organised a one-week art and creative workshop in which the main aim was to teach children and young people how to create art from simple materials and “garbage”. Some of the children come from poor backgrounds and do not attend school due to a lack of financial resources. We would like to offer further workshops and regular lessons together with the trained and experienced art teacher Isaak Doubor and other volunteers.
In addition to promoting creativity, this could be an opportunity for young people to learn a craft that can help them not only make a living in the future, but also contribute to financing their education.

Photo project: My life, my culture, my country

Together with students from Liberia, questions are developed that could be interesting for young people at the other end of the world.
Students and pupils from Germany and Liberia are asked to take pictures to these questions and to critically question their own culture and values. The pictures will be exhibited later. The aim is not only to show people how different young people live, but also to show similarities and to arouse mutual interest.

C.A.R.E.S. in Clay-Ashland

The Christian A. Richards early childhood and Elementary school ‘C.A.R.E.S.’ is a free school in Clay-Ashland, Montserrado County, Liberia. In Clay-Ashland there is hardly any work, the illiteracy rate is above average and the road conditions are catastrophic, so that in the rainy season it is not possible to drive a car. The C.A.R.E.S. school fights for educational justice by providing access to education for children who otherwise had no access to education due to a lack of finances and infrastructure.
We are happy to support the school with a printer cartridge and paper thanks to your donations. The headmistress had to drive 2 hours to the city to make copies or print-outs, which are also very expensive.
Why on the picture not everyone wears her school uniform but red? Because it was Valentine’s Day.

News from Liberia

Together with our local partners and other NGOs, such as Youth for Change, we are working on how the future cooperation between the Kids Care Campus e.V. in Germany and the future Kids Care Campus Inc. in Liberia could look like. In regular joint meetings, we will discuss what the next steps could be, and together we will think about which projects we want to focus on. First of all we wanted to create a foundation on which we would like to build bit by bit. What we would like to achieve? Education and empowerment of our young generation, so that they can learn to take responsibility for themselves and for other people and to develop the will to change.

Donation campaign: “School Uniforms for Liberia”


The purchasing of a school uniform is in many cases mandatory in able to be able to attend a school in Liberia. Many underprivileged families are not able to conquer this financial hurdle. For this reason we have started our donation campaign for the upcoming 2019 school year. These contributions will be used to help the families that otherwise cannot afford to meet this demand.

You can support a girl or a boy with a donation of 10 €, to buy a school uniform in order to help make their enrollment in a school possible.

You will be kept up to date on our homepage so that you can keep informed how many children we can support together.

Please write in “Schuluniform” for the subject of the donation.

Culture fusion evening

People of all countries, colors and religion. (Participants must be 16 or older)

October 18, 2018, start: at 6 pm!

Mokrystraße 1 in Wilhelmsburg (Take the S 31 to Veddel, then the Bus 13 towards Kirchdorf until Stübenplatz)

We would like to enjoy an evening together with inter-active games and actions to break the ice and come into communication.
As you enjoy a typical meal from West Africa, you will learn more about the culture of Liberia. Anyone interested is welcome to bring their own cultural dishes to further enhance the experience and broaden the discussion.

The goals of this evening are not to create a fleeting experience but much more. We would like to exchange experiences, opinions and ideas as we see intercultural diversity as a source of change with high potential. Let us come together and become part of the change and get the ball rolling.
The encounter is the beginning, but we must stride further along the path with the goal that more people take responsibility for themselves and their fellow peoples. To develop sympathy for others and ourselves across all borders. This is a central theme of our activities that we will pursue on this evening.

Review of the Africa Day

We were really delighted that there were so many interested visitors at the Africa Day!

There was so much to experience and explore. Great musicians animated visitors of all ages to join in and dance to African vibes and rhythms, typical African food and items were sold, all sorts of workshops offered and people enjoyed the sun all day long.

We seized this opportunity and took part in the Africa Day to promote our Kids Care Campus e.V. by sharing the ideas and plans we have and offering fun activities for the kids throughout the day. And there was plenty for the children to do, for example drawing, crafting, storytelling, a talent show and a drum workshop. Thanks to all the people who stopped by!

We are also proud to announce that we were able to increase the number of our supporters and those who want to become involved in our project.

Storytelling Night at Africa Day – Reading fun with  mit instrumental accompaniment of the kids
Colorful drumming round: at our stand interested kids could try their first drumming attempts under guidance, make music together and dance.