Meet our partners in Liberia

Dr. Arda Collins (founder of a tuition-free school and a professor of the university in Monrovia)

“It is my educational goal to combine my educational knowledge with my ability as a compassionate, enthusiastic, intelligent and honest educator to positively contribute to a sound educational system in our society that will permit our children to compete in a global society lead productive lives.”


Mr. Sam Clifford Freeman  (headmaster of a school in Montserrado County)

“I joined Kids Care Campus Liberia to help the overwhelming wave of abandoned and affected children either as a result of the civil war, Ebola, death of one or both partners, etc. It is so encouraging to see an organization that works to give children hope, I just can’t stand by to be a spectator, I am a participant and I excited to be a part of the work Kids Care Campus is doing in Liberia!”


Lydia Savage (Social Worker student of the African Methodist Episcopal University in Liberia

“As a very passionate social worker who believes in working along with other people for the betterment,  I am motivated and inspired by Jessica´s ideas and initiative. Growing up and living in Liberia my whole life, I see the urgency in helping other people to improve their lives trough education and discover and develop their greatest potentials. I want to contribute to a change in society for the positive and I am willing to serve as a volunteer and share my ideas for this purpose.”

Mr George Kingsley         ( is working for ASSISTANCE FOR PROVIDING AID, Inc)

The core to every family and every Nation is children, the protection of children is paramount as such children must be given all support there is, and one of the major support out line by everyone
including the United Nation is EDUCATION followed by protection, and
this is core of Kids Care Campus. Support for children can not be a compromise.