In Germany

The Kids Care Campus aims to support holistic education. In addition to educational projects abroad, projects are also to be implemented in Germany. Our aim is to sensitize, encourage and support people to take responsibility for themselves and their fellow human beings, as well as to develop their own attitude towards global relationships and responsibility across national, ethnic and cultural borders.

The Kids Care Campus wants to support global education and an exchange between young people, whose culture and life at first glance could hardly be more different. Young people are to be activated and encouraged to participate by contributing their own interests and abilities to social projects. In Germany as well, we would like to work with disadvantaged young people to strengthen them, so that these experience a sense of self-empowerment. These young people often develop hatred of other disadvantaged marginal groups, as for example people of other cultures, since they feel themselves disadvantaged by the social assistance system.

The Kids Care Campus e.V. does not only want to show differences, but in particular direct the focus to things people have in common. The young generation must learn to develop responsibility in a global world, and young people must first develop a deeper sense of solidarity.

To do this we are working on establishing contact between schools in Liberia and Germany and the universities and students as well as between institutions of free child and youth welfare in both countries.