Active help

Be a part of our multicultural and diverse team. Everybody is very welcome to support the activities of our organisation with their own ideas and suggestions. With your interests and abilities you can not only undertake tasks within the work of the organisation, you also have the possibility to help shape our way of doing things and influence projects together with us. We want to organise ourselves in small expert-teams and through dynamic work we want to reach the aims of our organsiation efficiently. In the exchange with other expert-teams everybody shall have the possibility to learn new things and challenge themselves.
We want to to enable people to identify themselves with the work of our organisation, by giving them the chance to be a full and equal partner of this idea as well as having the opportunity to bring in their own creative ideas.

We aspire to have a good sense of community within our team. Through the pool of different abilities we want to realize projects between different cultures and to strenghen the feeling of cross cultural responsibility.