The Kids Care Campus e.V. by Africa Day

Have we been able to awaken your interest with our homepage? Would you like to learn more about our organization, our goals and visions and get to know our team? Our organization will have a booth at the Africa Day festivities and we are looking forward to greeting anyone who would have interest to discuss our goals and ideas and maybe you have an idea for us? At our sales stand we will be offering art work done by children with cultural and global themes. In addition we will be selling raffle tickets with great prizes and other actions are being planned. Come on by and let us surprise you!

Our decorations for our booth are the product of a small project that was carried out by a cooperation between students of the medical school Hamburg and the “Kulturwohnzimmer “ in Harburg. Within this project, young people of many nations and backgrounds come together on two project days to create artwork to be presented on Africa Day. This project is open to youth of any nationality. Especially we would like to address children residing in refugee homes that have up to now not had much chance to establish contacts outside of their immediate environment. Inter-cultural communication, a reduction of prejudice and a better understanding for one another are positive side effects of an action of this nature. It will be clearly communicated to the children for what purpose they are participating in the project for and they shall learn sympathy and solidarity for other children.

We are urgently seeking helpers for Africa Day! Who wants to take an active role, bring in their own ideas and represent our project at the event? With pleasure, after consultation with us, you could plan and carry out small activities or actions at the booth! Write to us at: We do not consider ourselves at the Kids Care Campus e.V. to be a closed organisation, tot he contrary we would like to offer everyone the opportunity to take part, bring in ideas to further our goals and to help us develop constantly.

Care about yourself, Care about your neighbour and Care about the world! On Africa Day people will be coming from all countries, backgrounds and cultures to celebrate diversity. Let us together explore what we can achieve in the future out of this diversity.

Our Vision

The Kids Care Campus is a newly grounded charity organisation and stands at its beginnings. We heartily invite anyone interested in making a change to give us proposals, ideas or offer their active assistance to shape this organisation.

What do we want to achieve:

  • Self-determination of the people through their for us as self understood access to education
  • To give the young generation the tools to effect a positive change to their surroundings and to become an active part in the process of change
  • Inter-cultural cooperation and the exchange of experiences and views on an eye to eye level
  • To further the self understanding of global solidarity
  • Assumption of responsibility for oneself and others

The Kids Care Campus shall contribute to realize these goals within the framework of this project. Taking into account all of the problems and challenges facing our world today this may seem like a minor contribution but for the individuals affected it makes a world of differnce and can change the course of their lives.

Let us start small and achieve big for the wonderful inspiring people of Liberia.