Review of the Africa Day

We were really delighted that there were so many interested visitors at the Africa Day!

There was so much to experience and explore. Great musicians animated visitors of all ages to join in and dance to African vibes and rhythms, typical African food and items were sold, all sorts of workshops offered and people enjoyed the sun all day long.

We seized this opportunity and took part in the Africa Day to promote our Kids Care Campus e.V. by sharing the ideas and plans we have and offering fun activities for the kids throughout the day. And there was plenty for the children to do, for example drawing, crafting, storytelling, a talent show and a drum workshop. Thanks to all the people who stopped by!

We are also proud to announce that we were able to increase the number of our supporters and those who want to become involved in our project.

Storytelling Night at Africa Day – Reading fun with  mit instrumental accompaniment of the kids
Colorful drumming round: at our stand interested kids could try their first drumming attempts under guidance, make music together and dance.