Projects in Germany

The Kids Care Campus e.V. would like to support the concept of a complete educational system. With this we mean not only the classical curriculum of for example math and geography, but the importance of cultural and social responsibility on a local and international level. As well as working abroad, we will be carrying out projects within Germany. Our goal is to make people sensible to the fact that they can and should carry responsibility for themselves and mankind. We would like to encourage our people to think beyond the national, cultural and ethnical borders.

Many times negative circumstances in our world are assumed to be a given and unchangeable. We want to help people think of alternative solutions and methods of action and through realizing even small successes make the experience that they can make a difference. Together we want to combat prejudices, disinterest and ignorance.

Our interpretation of global responsibility is evident in our motto:
Care about yourself! Care about your neighbour! Care about the world!
First and foremost, we would like to teach the concept of self-responsibility. For only with this as a basis can one learn to understand the needs of others and to assume social responsibility as an active part of one’s community and world.

Everyone is welcome to bring their ideas and support into our project, be it an inter-cultural art project, cooking specialties or holding a seminar to global imparity. If you would like to actively support our project, we would ask you to be creative and to consider how best you may offer your services in accordance with your skills and interests to further the goals of our verein. We would like to give people in every age group, from every origin or profession the opportunity to plan and execute their own projects, to support the activities of the verein and with that to help us realize our goals of educational projects in west Africa. Der Kids Care Campus e.V. shall be a place where you can make the experience how fulfilling it can be to make a difference while offering you the opportunity to have fun working on a common goal with people of all origins and from all walks of life.

It is not necessary to become a member of the verein. As a non-member you could support us through single actions or supporting us with donations or as a volunteer at festivities for example.

Our organization should live from the fact that our activities, communication and our experiences together are as diverse as the team that plans them.