We Seek

To realize our goals we require motivated enthusiastic helpers that can imagine taking an active role in supporting our project. In the foreground we seek the continuity and not necessarily the intensiveness of the consumed time spent. We want to build a team of creative and devoted people in which everyone would assume tasks and responsibilities reflecting their personal strengths and interests to develop the Kids Care Campus e.V.

Who is interested in……

  • establishing and administering social media accounts
  • authoring texts for Internet appearances
  • the planning and carrying out of events to win supporters
  • fundraising
  • taking over responsibility in the project management
  • assuming tasks within the business management of the project
  • participating actively in an inter-cultural project
  • taking over responsibility to better the perspective of under priveledged children
  • bringing in their own creative ideas to shape the organisation

The work in the organization is very dynamic in character. Of special importance to us is the guiding principle of self-responsibility. For how are we to teach this principle if we do not practice it ourselves? Every helper shall receive the chance to work as independently as possible and experience that their voice counts.

Working for our verein gives you the opportunity to utilize your interests, potential and skills in a productive way. You will also come into contact with people of every possible background where you should be open to learn from each other and further your horizon.

The Kids Care Campus e.V. would also like to further develop their active supporters and offer them the framework within which they may further develop their own skills and to trust in themselves and the impact they can have on thier surroundings.

We look forward to meeting anyone interested and gladly accept any proposals or criticism. Please feel free to contact us: info@kidscarecampus.de. We are looking forward to hearing from you.